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Thank you for visiting The RadioBoard. I am Dave Schmarder, the board owner. Jim, KR1S is my co-admin. Between the two of us we keep the board running.

I am proud of The RadioBoard. Not because I was able to get it running, but because of the fine membership that uses this board. You will find none better on the internet!

This board's reason for being is it serves the homemade radio builder. Other boards has this as an extra feature, but here it is the main feature. If this is your interest too, come and join us. There is always room for new thoughts and ideas. When registering, you will be asked to type in an authorization code. This measure was added to keep the spambots at bay. Join the The RadioBoard today!

The Homebrew RadioContest

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This is the official site of the Homwbrew RadioContest. This listening contest is held in the summer and is for users of homemade radios. There are very few rules, and a lot of fun.


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